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Commercial Construction

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Interior Design

Home Staging

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Why PDI?

Our Mission 
Prive' Demeure, Inc.'s (PDI's) mission is paralleled with its company name meaning, 'first class dwelling', to develop a rich culture of providing 'first class' living/working space for all income-class citizens with uniquely designed and built residential, commercial, and industrial communities.

Our Vision 

Delivering 'first class' living and working spaces that gives you the lifestyle worth living for through our alluring and practical designs and caliber construction.

Core Values
1. Honesty

2. Integrity

3. Reliability

4. Respect

5. Efficiency

6. Communication

7. Thoroughness

8. Innovation

'First class dwelling' and lifestyle

PDI is a company specializing in real estate development through design and construction along with project/construction and property management.

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